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At Forthnet, our passion for innovation and technology leads to the formation of international partnerships with reputable organizations and research centers. Areas of research focus are next generation networks including 5G, security, data analysis and enhancing user experience.

The Innovation Department is Forthnet's research and development unit. The unit is strategically focused on implementing “Proof of Concepts (PoCs)” technology solutions that can safely lead to the creation of innovative products by the company. Adopting such a philosophy towards the future, Forthnet enhances its flexibility and adapts to a rapidly changing environment always working on cutting-edge technologies.



Specifically the Innovation Department:

  • aims at linking the research results to the production of pilot services and transferring know-how to Forthnet's operations.
  • acts as catalyst towards quickly and effectively familiarizing the company with new technologies and innovative services trends.
  • capitalizes on European and National Frameworks for Research and Development implementing research projects aligned with the company's innovative ideas and strategic directions.


Innovation Department projects implementing the aforementioned vision are:





5G-SOLUTIONS: is a flagship HORIZON2020 project contributing to the overall 5G-PPP initiative and European Union's policy for deploying 5G innovative services. The scope of the project is to test the feasibility of quality service provision over 5G networks in the domains of Media and Entertainment, Smart Cities and Ports, Future of the Factories and Smart Energy.


safe deed



Safe-DEED:  The project is funded under the HORIZON2020 framework and aims to create services that facilitate secure exchange of data intra- or inter-organizations having in mind that data sharing processes should respect privacy, GDPR and at the same time create value for the organizations.



COGNITUS:  Funded by HORIZON2020. The project developed innovative applications allowing event spectators e.g. of sports, festivals, etc., to create their own high quality content and contribute to professional production, thus implementing user participation in the production chain and increasing content effectiveness.

speece x rays




SpeechXRays: The project is funded under HORIZON2020. The aim of the project was to develop innovative authentication methods of electronic services subscribers using video and voice recognition algorithms.