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Training & Development

Recognizing the importance of the need for its executives to continually enrich their knowledge and develop their skills in all areas pertaining to their role, Forthnet invests in a targeted manner in their training. The company, methodically and with a focus on the quality and efficient use of its employees’ valuable time, designs, develops and implements programs that turn its executives into its truly competitive advantage.

For the development and proper training of its people, Forthnet selects and implements programs that aim to keep everyone constantly informed and trained with regard to general knowledge, as well as developments in their area of responsibility, while developing their personal and professional skills, and also being directly related to annual personnel evaluation and development programs.

At Forthnet we invest in the development of all employees, with a clear goal of ensuring their professional development. We encourage our staff to identify and agree on their training needs, in conjunction with their personal ambitions, in order to select the most appropriate training program that will contribute to the best utilization and development of their potential.

Employee training and development is provided through specialized partners, as well as the Human Resources department's internal training team, with particular stress on utilizing and applying the latest trends and tools (E-Learnings, Micro-learning, Webinars).