Innovation and Technology

Forthnet brings the future and has consistently proven it through its activities both in the area of "Innovation" and in the field of "e-Government". 

With its longstanding experience in providing quality entertainment and communication services, as well as the high level of its specialized staff that is constantly being trained and developed, the company has excellent know-how in the field of cutting-edge technologies. The process of leveraging innovation in enhancing Forthnet's know-how is structured and continuous, so as to achieve both variation in the quality of its services and the use of new methods in the implementation of the projects it undertakes.

At the same time, Forthnet has deep expertise and long experience in Public Administration support projects, having developed a range of high-level methodologies and e-Government solutions that achieve not only the modernization of government agencies, but also their better orientation to the needs of the future.

Innovation and know-how are harmoniously disseminated across all of the company’s productive departments, but also to its customers, so that they may choose solutions that enable them to efficiently meet tomorrow's challenges. Moreover, Forthnet manages to detect future needs and trends in a timely manner and invest technologically in their respective development areas through its cooperation with its customers and through continuous market research.